Officer Military Agent


AFOSI accession as an active duty officer is enabled via dedicated selection boards who review each applicant via a “whole person” concept against competitive parameters.

ROTC CADET APPLICANT GUIDANCE: Application-based, annual process to evaluate applicants directly prior to completing their degree program.  To view demographics of the prior year’s selected cadets, please click here

USAFA CADET APPLICANT GUIDANCE: Application-based, annual process to evaluate applicants directly prior to commissioning.  Interested cadets should contact AFOSI Detachment 808, USAFA, CO at 719.333.3305 to speak with an agent regarding the application process.

INITIAL SKILLS TRAINING ELIMINATED OFFICERS:  Intermittent boards throughout the annual year to accommodate officers eliminated from initial skills training (e.g. Undergraduate Pilot Training) eligible for reclassification to 71S.

OFFICER TRAINING SCHOOL (OTS): Board schedules follow Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS) deadlines and 71S selections should be made in conjunction with AFRS program acceptance announcements.  Applicants must coordinate their packages with the local base Education Office (active duty) or Recruiting Office (civilian) and list "71S -- Special Agent" as their number one career field choice for AFOSI consideration.

CROSS FLOW OFFICERS: As of 26 Jan 18 per PSDM 18-04, Nonrated Line Officer Crossflow Program, AFOSI (71S) is accepting CGO crossflow applicants until 28 Feb 18.  No FGO crossflows will be considered.  Please work with your core AFSC assignment team and leadership team to first secure career field release.  If released, you may submit a package in accordance with the PSDM and your package will be vetted.  Applying for 71S will not guarantee a reclassification into 71S as AFOSI has separate, requisite program and security requirements.  Applicants will be subjected to and must submit to a full background investigation (separate from security clearance background investigations).

For additional information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Air Force’s Personnel Center AFOSI (71S) assignment officer at commercial (210) 565-4457 (DSN 665).

Department of the Air Force
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ATTN: 71S Assignments Officer
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