AFOSI IMA reserve positions




Final approval of any assignment to AFOSI is based on satisfactory results from the Agent Suitability Investigation (ASI) or Professional-staff Suitability Investigation (PSI) which takes approximately 45 days.


Enlisted Agent Positions:

AFOSI only considers E5/E6 applicants with extensive felony level investigative experience for retraining. All other ranks (to include officers) must be fully qualified. Fully qualified means completion of FLETC's CITP and BSIC.

AFOSI is not currently accepting additional applications for Reserve agent positions from applicants who are not already AFOSI agents.  For enlisted positions, we have a surplus of applicants in the pipeline and need to work through them before accepting additional applications.  We will continue to consider current AFOSI agents who are separating from active duty.

Officer Agent Positions:

For officer positions, we have no vacant positions to fill at this time so we are not accepting applications from officer applicants.


When we start accepting applications again, we will post that information on this site.  During this period when we’re not accepting applications, we will not create/maintain a waiting list.


In-Service Recruiter (ISR). 

AFOSI is fortunate to have its own designated ISR.  All personnel (enlisted and officers) interested in transitioning from active duty to the Reserves should contact our ISR, MSgt Nicole Mauss.  She is very familiar with the process for transitioning into AFOSI Reserve positions.  Other ISRs should also contact MSgt Mauss to ensure applicants are processed correctly.  Her contact info is as follows:  DSN 858-9373, Commercial 301-981-9373, or email -  nicole.mauss.1@us.af.mil

Non-agent positions:  Advertised on the AF Portal/RMVS

First, complete an AF Form 1288.  If you are a traditional reservist (TR) it must be signed by your losing wing commander; IMAs need signatures from both their losing commander and losing RMG/PM. Guard members need signatures from both the losing commander and a reserve recruiter. If you are active duty you need signatures from both your region commander and a reserve recruiter. Inactive (any service) must contact a reserve recruiter for all actions.

Second, send an email to HQ RIO/Det 7 ( arpc.hqriodet7forcemgt@us.af.mill) a complete package which consists of (1) the signed AF Form 1288, (2) last 3 performance reports and (3) a Record Review Rip (RRR). They will send your package to AFOSI/DPR to initiate the suitability investigation.


Once the SI is approved, HQ RIO Det 7 will contact you. Ensure you are current on all readiness requirements (PHA, dental and fitness test) to prevent any delays in the assignment process.


Note to recruiters: Do not submit the 1288 in AFRISS until HQ RIO Det 7 notifies you that the member's suitability investigation is approved. Otherwise, it will "sit" in AFRISS and flag as overdue.