The OSI Shield Emblem

On 19 August 1955, OSI submitted Memo No. 5 to the Air Force Personnel Awards Branch requesting approval of the OSI emblem. On 15 December 1955, OSI was notified that the proposed organizational emblem had been approved. As is customary with Air Force heraldry, the emblem has not changed since its inception in 1955.

Description of the OSI Emblem

The light blue shield, directly below a wreath, bears a winged Air Force blue sphere with wings and detail lines in silver (usually depicted as white) between two upright swords that are white with gray (steel) outline and shaded area and gold (yellow) hilts. On the shield above the sphere is a silver (white) lamp of knowledge with a red flame. The white scroll with Air Force yellow lettering located under the shield and the shield are edged in Air Force yellow. The wreath above the shield is made up of six alternate folds of silver (white) and light blue that repeat the metal and color used in the shield.

Significance of the OSI Emblem

The light blue field of the shield symbolizes the sky, the primary theater dominating all air activities. The winged Air Force blue sphere indicates OSI's air mission is world-wide. The spreading wings, above the sphere, imply protection of all qualities of virtue underlying the rights of free people. The upright swords symbolize the power of law and order and military justice. The lamp symbolizes light and learning. As in the Air Force seal, the light blue of the wreath represents the sky and the white represents the heraldic metal silver.