Recruiting Toolbox

Office of Special Investigations (OSI) Special Agents are a mix of active duty officer and enlisted personnel, civilians, and reservists who share a common desire to serve their country as a member of the Department of the Air Force’s premier investigative agency. To defend our country and safeguard its interests, OSI agents travel the world to protect the people and resources of the Department of the Air Force.

Being an OSI Special Agent is one of the most challenging and fulfilling careers in National Security. OSI Special Agents receive elite training and operate world-wide throughout the full spectrum of federal law enforcement and counterintelligence mission sets.

The OSI team is comprised of a diverse mix of professionals from IT to Human Resources from all backgrounds and experiences.  Explore the civilian options by selecting "Job Listing" under the careers tab and on USAjobs using the key word "Air Force Office of Special Investigations."

Recruiting Materials

OSI Recruiting Handout  - Learn about our mission and priorities.

Contact Us - Business Card  - Easy contact card for sharing.

Mission Video - Learn about the many missions of the OSI and how our team protects the Department of the Air Force and our Nation.

Careers Podcast - In this episode Recruiting Team members, Mr. Steve Carmical, Special Agent Jennifer Holland and Special Agent Ryan Hanna discuss current recruiting initiatives for prospective enlisted, officer and civilian special agents.

Recruiting Q&A - OSI Special Agents share their path to becoming an agent and what attracted them to the Office of Special Investigations.

Strictly Facts: An OSI Story - Short video for briefings /presentations describing a day in the life of an OSI special agent.

Virtual Recruiting Event: Women in OSI - 1-hour panel discussion with a diverse group of OSI agents to discuss their experiences working for OSI.  Q&A with specific recruiting questions towards the end.

OSI Careers v1 - Recruiting Handout

Recruiting Poster v1

Recruiting Poster v2

Civilian Agent Recruiting

OSI Civilian Hiring Process - Read in-depth about the process for becoming a civilian Special Agent with OSI.

OSI Civilian Information Session for Entry-Level Candidates - Watch in-depth informational briefing on the OSI civilian agent hiring process. The session is designed to answer the questions most commonly asked by entry-level candidates.

Information Session Series: Entry Level Hiring Process and the PAQ Experience - (NEW) Watch this information session on the hiring process for entry-level and learn more about what it is like as a new 1811 civilian in OSI.

OSI Civilian Information Session for Experienced Agents - Watch an in-depth informational briefing on the OSI civilian agent hiring process.  The session is designed to answer the questions most commonly asked by experienced special agents applying to journeyman-level positions.

Enlisted Agent Recruiting

OSI Recruitment Briefing

OSI Enlisted Selection System - Read in-depth about the process for becoming an enlisted Special Agent with OSI.

What it Takes to Be An OSI Agent - Enlisted Edition - Short video for briefings/presentations.


Training Video- Tag along with the Office of Special Investigations team as they complete weapons and vehicle training.

Training Note:  All new OSI special agent recruits -- whether officer, enlisted or civilian -- receive their entry-level training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia. The training requires that each recruit meet physical requirements that are located on the FLETC Web site at The candidates attend a mandatory, 11-week Criminal Investigator Training Program with other federal law enforcement trainees. That course is followed by eight weeks of OSI agency-specific coursework. Both courses offer new agents training in firearms and other weapons, defensive tactics, forensics, antiterrorism techniques, crime scene processing, interrogations and interviews, court testimony, and military and federal law. All agents new to OSI (mil and civ) must serve time as probationary agents after FLETC.  They have to demonstrate the capability to do many different agent tasks before they can get off probation.  Upon successful completion, some agents receive specialized training in economic crime, antiterrorism services, counterintelligence, computer crimes and other sophisticated criminal investigative capabilities. Others attend 12 weeks of technical training to acquire electronic, photographic and other skills required to perform technical surveillance countermeasures. Experienced agents selected for polygraph duties attend a 14-week DoD course.


OSI's Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion
OSI is committed to attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining a highly-effective and diverse workforce, ensuring a culture of inclusion that transforms diversity into strategic advantages in national security. We recognize the critical role that deliberate and intentional diversity, equity and inclusion management plays in achieving a high-performing organization and commit to being a leader in supporting and valuing all facets of diversity in our workforce.