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  • 'It's good to grow old in OSI'

    I was a 25-year-old with OSI (Office of Special Investigations) at one time. That was almost 35 years ago. So, how did this old guy survive working with all these young professionals?
  • How good OSI units become GREAT!

    What are the hallmarks of a great OSI team? Accomplish the mission…check. Take care of Airmen…check. We are fortunate that these two priorities are interwoven into the fabric of our Air and Space Forces and our command. Most OSI units are doing both, very well. So then, when you survey all the successful OSI offices, how do you further distinguish between the good and the great? I offer 10 characteristics that set the best OSI units apart from their peers.
  • Organizational Values: Trusting Our People

    Happy New Year OSI Family! We had an amazing 2019, neutralizing our adversaries, strengthening the integrity of our Air Force, and ensuring OSI stays relevant in the fight! As we look into 2020, I am excited to see what we do, to promote the impact we make on the global stage, and to celebrate your accomplishments. Thank you for all you do. I sincerely appreciate you. Here is to an awesome new year!
  • Developing highly resilient Airmen

    Our foundational Line of Effort highlights the absolute necessity to develop an exceptional force. As we sat and discussed priorities and mapped the road to The AFOSI We Need, the health of our personnel remained at the forefront, and you can see it is vital to success in each of the four lines of effort that make up the 2018 Strategic Plan.
  • Strategic communication footprint expanding

    We believe that communicating with all of our audiences, both internal and external, is essential to the success of our mission and in attracting the next generation of talent to our command. In order to humanize our force and make ourselves more relatable to the public, we have increased our social media presence.
  • Our Command's Future, The AFOSI We Need

    In the months before assuming command, I began to think about our command, the Air Force, and our national security situation and the direction in which we needed to move. We are truly at a challenging and amazing time in our nation's history - and once again, AFOSI finds itself at a point of needing to evolve to best protect and support our Air Force, our Department of Defense, and our Nation.
  • Strategic partnerships: AFOSI seeks collaboration globally

    Throughout its history, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) has sought to forge trusting, long-term partnerships: on base with Airmen, commanders and nearby communities; across the Department of Defense; and globally through strategic relationships with partners from local, state, federal and international law enforcement, military, and security agencies.
  • Embracing redefined organizational values

    We are operating in a complex environment that is ever changing and our adversaries are now our peers. As the U.S. military redefines itself to maintain its edge, AFOSI has adjusted the Command’s Strategic Plan to ensure we are in line with the Air Force and the Department of Defense.
  • Happy 71st Birthday, OSI Family!

    The United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations is celebrating 71 years of service to our great Air Force and Nation. OSI was founded to answer an urgent need of the Air Force when a procurement fraud scandal called the integrity of the Air Force into question. In response, the Air Force selected Special Agent Joseph Carroll of the FBI
  • Strat plan signals culture shift

    On Dec. 6, 2018, I was excited to announce the rollout of our first OSI Strategic Plan in eight years. This will be our guiding document over the next five years to ensure we’re meeting Air Force and Department of Defense strategic priorities. I’m more excited than ever in anticipation of how this roadmap will be incorporated at all levels of our unique organization to reflect those priorities.