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  • The AFOSI We Need

    Former Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson often talked about “The Air Force We Need.” In her remarks on the topic, the Secretary discussed the new National Defense Strategy, which charges the Air Force with defending the homeland, winning a fight with a peer or near-peer nation, keeping rogue nations in check; and managing violent extremism with the resources on hand.
  • Strategic partnerships: AFOSI seeks collaboration globally

    Throughout its history, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) has sought to forge trusting, long-term partnerships: on base with Airmen, commanders and nearby communities; across the Department of Defense; and globally through strategic relationships with partners from local, state, federal and international law enforcement, military, and security agencies.
  • Embracing redefined organizational values

    We are operating in a complex environment that is ever changing and our adversaries are now our peers. As the U.S. military redefines itself to maintain its edge, AFOSI has adjusted the Command’s Strategic Plan to ensure we are in line with the Air Force and the Department of Defense.
  • Happy 71st Birthday, OSI Family!

    The United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations is celebrating 71 years of service to our great Air Force and Nation. OSI was founded to answer an urgent need of the Air Force when a procurement fraud scandal called the integrity of the Air Force into question. In response, the Air Force selected Special Agent Joseph Carroll of the FBI
  • Strat plan signals culture shift

    On Dec. 6, 2018, I was excited to announce the rollout of our first OSI Strategic Plan in eight years. This will be our guiding document over the next five years to ensure we’re meeting Air Force and Department of Defense strategic priorities. I’m more excited than ever in anticipation of how this roadmap will be incorporated at all levels of our unique organization to reflect those priorities.
  • OSI: Developing an exceptional force

    As we reached our milestone 70th Anniversary as a global federal law enforcement and investigative agency, it is each member of OSI that gives us our stature’s stellar reputation. Individually and collectively they elevate the professionalism of our command.
  • Collaboration key to evolving OSI global reach

    Ensuring OSI is best postured to meet the evolving needs of our Air Force relies, in large part, on maintaining and expanding collaborative efforts with our US and international counterparts. In support of that goal, OSI focuses on continually enhancing our strategic-level liaison and partner engagement to positively impact field capability and influence.
  • OSI recruiting, deliberate development shape future

    I’m extremely proud to be OSI’s Command Chief, a position which carries an awesome responsibility requiring a lot of hard work to ensure the well-being of our force and the continued development of our Command. That said, I’m determined to continue to forge the path of my predecessors by elevating the professionalism of our organization.
  • Hustler 6 remembered

    I first met (Special Agent) Chester McBride in 2011 when he was assigned to OSI Detachment 405 at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala. I was a combat arms instructor already interested in OSI, and Chester was their newest agent. From the start I admired Chester for his positive outlook on life and his drive to better himself.
  • Invisible wounds

    I’m an ambassador for the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program. As an ambassador, I’m an advocate for the program and I work in my local area to plan events which bring our wounded together.