Organizational Values: Trusting Our People

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Karen F. Beirne-Flint, AFOSI Command Chief

Happy New Year OSI Family! We had an amazing 2019, neutralizing our adversaries, strengthening the integrity of our Air Force, and ensuring OSI stays relevant in the fight! As we look into 2020, I am excited to see what we do, to promote the impact we make on the global stage, and to celebrate your accomplishments. Thank you for all you do. I sincerely appreciate you. Here is to an awesome new year!


In this New Year let’s discuss the most foundational of organizational values vital to the success of each member of this command: Trusting Our People. Line of Effort (LoE) 1: Developing an Exceptional Force, sets the stage for success within and beyond AFOSI. Equipping our personnel appropriately makes accomplishing the mission easier, provides the resources necessary to plan careers and seek opportunities to grow and excel, and maintains a diverse and inclusive workspace that welcomes collaboration and cultivates the environment needed to build trust.


To trust is “to believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of.” As in any relationship, trust comes first; it is the foundation for all we can do. It enables us to take that calculated risk and exercise a hunter’s mindset at any level. As a member of the team, we must build trust with our teammates and leadership. We do this through learning/knowing our jobs, being reliable, open, and honest, and looking out for our teammates and family members, inside and outside the office.


As leaders, we must define our expectations, provide feedback, exercise transparency, and encourage an environment of open communication, respect, and connectedness. Operation Developing Our 300 provides the additional opportunity to focus on connectedness and discover what makes us stronger, what makes us different, what is most important to each of us, and what stresses us. The result will be a harmony through which we support each other personally and professionally; strengthening resiliency; buttressing mission effectiveness; restoring command

readiness to meet customer needs (LoE 2).


What we do for the Air Force, the Department of Defense, and the American people is tough work. Being an Airmen is inherently risky, as we hunt down threats to our nation. In order to be successful as a command, we need to trust each other; up, down and across the chain. Every one of us either reinforces or diminishes what makes our AFOSI family great. What are you doing to make us better?