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  • Collaboration key to evolving OSI global reach

    Ensuring OSI is best postured to meet the evolving needs of our Air Force relies, in large part, on maintaining and expanding collaborative efforts with our US and international counterparts. In support of that goal, OSI focuses on continually enhancing our strategic-level liaison and partner engagement to positively impact field capability and influence.
  • OSI recruiting, deliberate development shape future

    I’m extremely proud to be OSI’s Command Chief, a position which carries an awesome responsibility requiring a lot of hard work to ensure the well-being of our force and the continued development of our Command. That said, I’m determined to continue to forge the path of my predecessors by elevating the professionalism of our organization.
  • Hustler 6 remembered

    I first met (Special Agent) Chester McBride in 2011 when he was assigned to OSI Detachment 405 at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala. I was a combat arms instructor already interested in OSI, and Chester was their newest agent. From the start I admired Chester for his positive outlook on life and his drive to better himself.
  • Invisible wounds

    I’m an ambassador for the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program. As an ambassador, I’m an advocate for the program and I work in my local area to plan events which bring our wounded together.
  • Avoiding criminal investigation 101

    The mission of Air Force Office of Special Investigation is to identify, exploit and neutralize criminal, terrorist and intelligence threats to the Air Force, the Department of Defense and the U.S. government. AFOSI Detachment 410 takes great pride in conducting this mission at Laughlin. We investigate anyone who is a potential threat to Laughlin
  • Focusing on all the important things

    It seems like this year just started, but it's almost over. AFOSI has been very busy this year with the command's 60th Anniversary celebrations, with a plentitude of complex investigations, with deployments, with BRAC progresses and with travel and training commitments. And let's not forget the dynamics brought about by an ongoing and very
  • Do you know how to protect yourself from fraud?

    If you were stopped on the street and someone said to you, "Hey, I think I've just been a victim of fraud, what do I do?" How would you answer the question? Do you know what fraud is? You may have heard or read news reports on a company that entered into a contract with the U.S. government for a product or a service of some type and that company
  • Stay in 'Condition Red' this summer

    Summertime is once again upon us, and I am hoping your schedule will allow for some outdoor fun and time with your families and friends. It is also a time to think about our OSI men and women serving in theater that are in harm's way every day; our thoughts are always with them. But, no matter where life finds you this summer, I'd like very much
  • OPSEC a family responsibility

    "Hi, I'm Jane Doe, 23. I'm married to John, 25. He works in the security forces squadron as a gate guard. He is deployed right now and will be home May 10 after being gone for nine months! We have one son, Johnny, who is 20 months. We have been here for a little more than a year. We came from Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D. We were there for three
  • 60 Years of Excellence, Marshalling a Superb Future

    These are very exciting times for our Air Force and for OSI! We, as a command, are forging new ground every day and significantly expanding our warfighting capabilities. We're on the cutting-edge of cyber warfare, battlefield counter-intelligence and anti-terrorism tactics. The world and the Air Force are changing and so are we. OSI's mission is to