OSI recruiting, deliberate development shape future

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Karen F. Beirne-Flint
  • AFOSI Command Chief

I’m extremely proud to be OSI’s Command Chief, a position which carries an awesome responsibility requiring a lot of hard work to ensure the well-being of our force and the continued development of our Command. That said, I’m determined to continue to forge the path of my predecessors by elevating the professionalism of our organization.


My vector for the Command echoes the Command’s vision of: A trusted and relevant global investigative agency, synchronized with a strategic environment. A reliable and indispensable partner, recognized for excellence, enabling and protecting the Air Force for the 21st Century.


I see my two priorities in furthering that vision are recruiting and deliberate development.


I’ve felt the effects of being undermanned for several years and while some argue this is a retention issue, the numbers point to recruiting.


I’m working closely with our OSI recruiting team and the Air Force Recruiting Service to stabilize our manning and make sure we’re recruiting the right people in the right places. For the health and well-being of this Command, we need to recruit talented Airmen, in all job series, and fill every seat at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.


FLETC’s Air Force Special Investigations Academy has graduated more than 15,000 Special Agents through the years. To maintain that pipeline of success our recruiting efforts need to bring in the highest caliber men and women available who not only can follow in their footsteps but improve on that imprint.


What impresses me most about OSI Airmen (I define Airmen as every enlisted, officer, civilian, contractor and their families) is their ingenuity, dedication and constant ability to get things done despite environmental challenges. We’re in a tough business that requires integrity, strength, resilience and diligence. Our Airmen come through every time, in the face of the sacrifice, long hours and sometimes not so nice circumstances. They are my heroes; they are our weapon system.  With this in mind, we need to sure they are getting the development they need to thrive in our environment.


I’ll work to promote a culture of deliberately developing our Airmen. I’m not only referring to formal training, which we spend a lot of time doing. I’m also including professional and personal development and the expectation we operationalize it.


Our Airmen are the weapon system the Air Force depends on to Fly, Fight and Win. They need the tools to operate, recuperate, rejuvenate and develop personally and professionally so they can step into new positions with confidence, take calculated risks, and hunt for the truth.  We need to cultivate our weapon system in order to posture our vision past the 21st century.


One way we can cultivate our Airmen is by listening to their ideas on how to make our Command better. While I’m working hard to get out and meet all OSI Airmen, I’m making myself more accessible to hear their concerns via my newly designed SharePoint site: http://afosiportal.us.af.mil/sites/HQ/CCC/SitePages/Home.aspx


Two of the site areas that do this are: the Employee Suggestion Program (previously called Donut Receipts) and Ask The Chief. Regardless of an OSI Airman’s job series, all ideas and suggestions designed to improve mission effectiveness are welcome. They just need to be submitted to the Region/Director Chief, through local leadership, who forwards it to the Commander’s Action Group at headquarters for action. The status is posted on my SharePoint site until completed.


You have a question, comment, concern or looking for advice outside the scope of the Employee Suggestion Program?  Then go to Ask The Chief!  Your input can be submitted by name or anonymously. I’m always looking for feedback and my virtual door is always open.         


Everything we do in OSI touches someone’s life. We can never become complacent, never stop growing, never stop learning. We are vital to the success of our Air Force. I’m excited to witness the amazing things our Airmen accomplish and to advocate for them.


I’ve always been grounded in servant leadership and believe organizations are stronger and more resilient when they continue to cultivate their most important resource--their people. Our people make OSI great. And together, in line with Col Stabler’s priorities and vision, I’m confident we will take our Command to the next level.