Welcome to the official World Wide Web site of the Office of Special Investigations. OSI is headquartered at Quantico, Va., and has units in more than 260 global locations -- both on Air Force bases and in strategically important locations. This site is provided as a public service by OSI Public Affairs.



OSI exists to: Defend the Nation, Serve Justice, Protect the Air Force and Find the Truth. 

FOUNDATION: A federal law enforcement and investigative agency operating throughout the full spectrum of conflict

MISSION: Identify, exploit and neutralize criminal, terrorist, and intelligence threats in multiple domains to the Air Force, Department of Defense and U.S. Government

VISION: A trusted and relevant global investigative agency, in sync with a changing strategic environment; a reliable partner, recognized for excellence, enabling and protecting the USAF, DoD and the Nation 



Develop an Exceptional Force  

Restore Readiness  

Cost-Effectively Modernize  

Drive Innovation  

Strengthen our Partnerships 


OSI Capabilities

· Protect Secrets

· Detect Threats 

· Specialized Services

· Conduct Investigations 

· Engage Foreign Threats