Brazilian liaison event fosters friendly engagement

  • Published
  • By SA David Gilmer
  • AFOSI 2nd Field investigations Region

Air Force Office of Special Investigations Force Protection Detachment Brazil Special Agent Gary McKay, traveled to Las Vegas, Nev., Jan. 23, 2018, with 11 Brazilian counterparts, representing eight Brazilian civilian and military law enforcement organizations, to attend the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show.


AFOSI Detachment 202 SAs Cristina Kuhn, Joshua Johnson and John Mazanek capitalized on the opportunity to host the Brazilians by coordinating a day of shooting and weapons familiarization with their local Combat Arms Instructors at the Creech Air Force Base, Nev., Range.


Besides the standard M-4 carbine and M-9 pistol, the visitors shot the M-24 sniper rifle, M203 grenade launcher and the M249 machine gun. Two fellow 432nd Wing members helped translate. This event highlighted noteworthy support from Creech and the direct impact of friendly engagement.


The 11 Brazilian Law Enforcement Officials attending the 2018 SHOT Show represented Brazil’s Policia Federal, Policia Civil, BOPE (Special Forces), Policia Militar, Secretaria de Seguranca and Brazil’s six major regions: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Parana, Amazonas, Curitiba and Distrito Federal. 


They provided FPD Brazil with on-going real time threat information including special interest aliens, human trafficking (national and international smuggling routes, prices and trafficker information), arms trafficking, narcotics trafficking (national and international cartels location and modus operandi), counterintelligence threats, international terrorist activities and civil unrest information. All this is provided to ensure national level safety to the United States, U.S. Government personnel and U.S. military personnel transiting throughout Brazil. 


“We are all Americans, there is only an invisible line that separates us, but we share the same national desires, goals and pain,” SA McKay said. “It’s imperative that we continue to work closely together as brothers and sisters in-arms because the societal issues that exist in the north are the same issues that exist in the south. Since the bad guys do not see a line of separation nor should we.” 


All the Brazilians agreed this was the best and most productive AFOSI liaison event they attended in their law enforcement careers. Many of them requested future visits with other AFOSI detachments to benchmark and upgrade the Brazilian forces, develop Brazilian agents and learn how to work better alongside other law enforcement agencies. 


The diligent efforts of Det. 202, displayed professionalism, engagement and dedication throughout the event. Their direct support bodes well for FPD Brazil in the future.