DC3 aces Air Force CE Inspection

  • Published
  • By Stephen Murphy
  • DC3 Public Affairs

The Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Inspector General’s Office with assistance from the Air Force Inspection Agency conducted a Continuing Evaluation Inspection of the DoD Cyber Crime Center March 25, 2019.

Five AFOSI/IG and AFIA inspectors conducted interviews with DC3 personnel who provide oversight for DC3’s programs, policies and procedures.

The end result was zero discrepancies. DC3 Executive Director Jeffrey Specht said this is largely due to ongoing and proactive hard work by DC3 personnel. 

“The results of this CE are a tremendous testament to the year-round heavy lifting by a large number of DC3 personnel,” Specht said.  “They are team members who are charged to lead and manage critical programs, while simultaneously excelling in the execution of key behind-the- scenes additional duty portfolios.”

Specht noted the results also speak to the vision and value of DC3’s Strategic Plan and the associated, actionable efforts that plan is driving.

“DC3’s Strategic Plan was highlighted as a clear strength during the inspection,” he said. “A long-tenured AFIA assessor commented, ‘it is the best strategic plan I’ve seen in all my years as an assessor.’”

Chad Brown, DC3 Internal Continuous Evaluation Program manager, said the inspection will provide a means for DC3 to better prepare for its upcoming Management Inspection scheduled for 2020 by the AFOSI/IG.

“This inspection will assist leadership to gauge the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and then provide a road map to improve on weaknesses and maintain the strengths,” he said. 

The 2020 MI is expected to consist of 12-15 inspectors and will be a more in-depth inspection with additional key areas being evaluated. Brown said the inspections, and the preparation leading up to them, only serve to benefit DC3 and its mission.

“DC3 benefits because it allows external agencies such as AFOSI/IG and AFIA, to inspect DC3 and review our key management programs and processes, evaluate those key areas and then provide valuable feedback that will ultimately enhance the overall state of DC3,” he said. “These inspections help DC3 to stay on course and provide the best services for our DoD customers and partners.”