SA actions help save Airman's life

  • Published
  • By OSI Public Affairs

Office of Special Investigations Special Agents Robert Shearer and Hunter Santor, Field Investigations Region 1, Detachment 102 Operating Location-A, Rome, N.Y., helped save an Airman’s life Feb. 27, 2020, when during a subject interview for an investigation, they identified the Airman was facing significant challenges in their personnel life and was in immediate need of help.


During the interview, the agents identified the Airman behind the uniform was facing significant challenges unrelated to the investigation, which became the priority.


“I was able to make a personal connection with the Airman, allowing us to talk more candidly. During the course of the interview I noticed a few things that seemed off and when I asked the Airman about them it became clear that they needed help,” said SA Shearer.


To ensure the Airman received the needed help, SA Shearer drove the Airman 30 minutes to meet with a chaplain. He then coordinated with the Airman's leadership who ensured the Airman had access to counseling. 


Later that night, the Airman contacted SA Shearer to inform him they were at the lowest point of their life and did not believe they would have made it through the day without OSI taking the appropriate actions.


Additional resources for resilience in the U.S. Air Force can be found at: