• Published
  • By Wayne Amann
  • OSI Public Affairs

Since its inception, nearly 72 years ago, the Office of Special Investigations and excellence have been synonymous.

A particularly significant stretch of noteworthy accomplishments by Headquarters OSI has been lauded by the Department of the Air Force, with its Air Force Organizational Excellence Award, for the period Jan. 1, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2018.      

“I’m extremely honored to announce HQ OSI was awarded the Air Force Organizational Excellence Award. This is an amazing achievement and a reflection of exceptionally meritorious service,” OSI Commander Brig. Gen. Terry L. Bullard wrote in his congratulatory email May 5, 2020, to the OSI family. “Since my arrival at HQs in 2017, I’ve been constantly amazed at the dedication of those serving here to further capabilities in the field and allow our units to focus on their missions.”  

The accomplishments which helped secure this prestigious Air Force level award during the time frame included HQ OSI enabling more than 3,400 personnel at 263 global locations to execute 420 million dollars and resolve countless matters of vital national importance.

More specifically, the synergized efforts of headquarters professionals guided the command to sufficiently resolve 6,400 complex criminal and counterintelligence investigations and operations, expertly recover 737 million pilfered dollars, appropriately garner 1,022 years of incarceration, including five life sentences.

Their efforts also indexed 9,247 offenders, and prevented 151 criminal firearm purchases, accurately identified and reported intelligence threats to domestic and international intelligence partners in 25,091 reports and products.

They aggressively countered hostile cyber intrusions on government and industry systems, deployed 136 personnel, and staunchly protected invaluable emerging Research and Development technologies, sensitive information, and joint senior defense leaders, which maintained the integrity of the Air Force, Department of Defense and the United States.  

The Secretary of the Air Force authorized the AFOEA on Aug. 26, 1969, to recognize the achievements and accomplishments of U.S. Air Force organizations and activities.

It’s awarded to Air Force internal organizations that are entities within larger organizations. They are unique, unnumbered organizations or activities that perform functions normally performed by numbered wings, groups, squadrons, etc.

General Bullard put the recognition into a global perspective.

“The AFOEA is a direct reflection of the HQ OSI personnel’s hard work, tremendous sacrifice, sustained excellence, and perseverance that helped elevate the professional stature of OSI and enabled incredible actions across the command all over the world!”