PACIFIC RONIN gives Misawa Det real world test

  • Published
  • By Wayna Amann
  • OSI Public Affairs

For six consecutive days Office of Special Investigations Detachment 623, Misawa Air Base, Japan, conducted 24-hour operations to support exercise war-games with the 35th Fighter Wing, by integrating in Wing operations to ensure the security of Air Force resources and operations.  

From Aug. 23-28, 2020, Det. 623 participated in Exercise PACIFIC RONIN, a 5th Air Force-wide event throughout Japan involving exercising combat operations from main operating bases. It featured a deployment of six F-16s from the 35th Fighter Wing, Misawa AB and six F-15s from the 18th Fighter Wing, Kadena AB, Okinawa, supporting Agile Combat Employment (ACE). 

Twelve Special Agents, Special Investigators, and Security Forces Investigators from Det. 623 conducted real world and exercise Counterintelligence (CI) and CI support to force protection activities on Misawa AB and deployed to Chitose AB, Japan, to support ACE operations there. 

Specifically, Agents trained on how to respond to ground and missile attacks, conduct local law enforcement and security service liaison, conducted tactical questioning, and processed multiple scenes, which included trace evidence and electronic media. 

The exercise scenarios were developed by Det. 623 Superintendent, SA Patrick Deren who served as a full time member of the 35 FW Wing Inspection Team and helped evaluate the unit’s response as the detachment training manager. 

“It was truly amazing to see our detachment fully integrate with its host wing to help develop the dynamic scenarios faced through the Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace,” SA Deren said. 

From the onset of the exercise, SAs Deren and Brian Fitch worked with the 35th Fighter Wing Inspector General Office, 35th Operations Support Squadron and the 35th Security Forces Squadron to develop realistic intelligence situations that met the expectations of the 35th Fighter Wing Commander and 6th Field Investigations Region Commander. 

During Phase I/II of the exercise OSI special agents repeatedly demonstrated the ability to survive and operate under chemical and conventional attacks. 

“They responded to ground attacks and performed Tactical/Sensitive Site Exploitation, Tactical Questioning, collected biometrics and processed evidence, all while feeding information to the base to attack and disrupt enemy networks,” SA Deren explained.

Det. 623 also partnered with the 35th Security Forces to establish an operational integrated force protection team at Misawa AB. Defenders were embedded with OSI, and helped disseminate force protection intelligence to Security Forces Operations, ensuring adequate and timely responses to threats. 

Overall, OSI Det. 623 ensured the safety and security of 3,500 active duty Airmen and 38 F-16s at Misawa AB, coupled with supporting a rapid deployment of 12 fighter jets and 120 Airmen for ACE operations at Chitose AB.   

OSI’s participation in PACIFIC RONIN exhibited OSI’s Strategic Plan Line of Effort 2 – Restore Readiness.  

“Our team did an outstanding job showcasing their professionalism and critical thinking skills in overcoming the challenges of a dynamic exercise scenario,” said Det. 623 Commander, SA Paul Shaiyah. “I am proud of the effort and commitment Team 623 put towards enhancing our capabilities and sharpening our skills for our next fight!”