OSI preps to protect moon mission

  • Published
  • By Thomas Brading
  • OSI Public Affairs

While looking to continually integrate into the Space Launch Enterprise, the Office of Special Investigations Detachment 802 hosted a strategy session involving multiple OSI disciplines at Patrick Space Force Base, Florida.

OSI units and disciplines held tactical level discussions focused on support to space launches and the commercial space industry for the first time, said Special Agent Keenan McCall, OSI Det. 802 commander.

These efforts coincided with NASA's Artemis 1 moon mission, which is ushering in the next phase of human exploration, according to NASA’s website.

A wet dress rehearsal is scheduled for June 19.

NASA plans to establish a sustainable presence on the moon in preparation for future missions to Mars, which will require both test launches and multiple security measures on Earth.

Enter OSI. During the Space Launch Summit, March 29-31, OSI representatives from key missions met to determine responsibilities and identify priorities, where support to such missions are required McCall said.

“[OSI’s goal] is to protect future space launches and to best posture OSI resources and mission areas to identify potential seams and gaps in OSI support and remove them,” he continued.

By aligning those efforts, the launch mission will use OSI assets to ensure full security coverage heading into future launches.

Though education was a key theme, the summit was best described as a “strategizing forum,” McCall said. 

“The summit was the brainchild of OSI Region 8, PJ, and our relationship with our space partners on Cape Canaveral Space Force Station and the Kennedy Space Center,” he added.

The primary goal of the Space Launch Summit was more than bringing together all OSI mission areas that touch the space launches. It also defined the respective responsibilities of all mission partners, identified current priorities and aligned efforts moving forward to better utilize OSI assets, McCall said.

The summit also ensured there are no gaps in OSI’s coverage of the Space Launch Enterprise, McCall said. Specifically, the summit made OSI better able to protect people and assets across all OSIs key mission areas.

During the collaborative discussion, Space Force members also outlined the Space Launch process to build a solid foundation for those OSI units supporting the launch mission.

"Core tenants in OSI’s support to the DAF and DoD are seeking the truth and defending the nation, as well as protecting everyone connected with the Department of the Air Force, including our Guardians engaged in global space operations", said Brig. Gen. Terry Bullard, OSI commander.