Veteran SA bestowed historic partnership recognition

  • Published
  • By Wayne Amann and Thomas Brading
  • OSI Public Affairs

Successful partnerships among military organizations are forged by the individuals whose efforts foster those vital relationships.

One such Office of Special Investigations member was honored for furthering OSI’s long standing partnership with the Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF), to successfully accomplish the missions of each.

Special Agent Bill Beattie’s more than 10 years of service, hard work and professionalism while assigned to OSI Field Investigations Region 6, Detachment 622, Tokyo, Japan, was formally recognized by General Shunji “Bert” Izutsu, Chief of Staff, Japan Air Self Defense Force (a position equivalent to U.S. Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. Charles Q. Brown), during a presentation ceremony where he was awarded Japan’s Defense Cooperation Award (Second Class) July 2022.

Izutsu lauded Beattie as, “a cornerstone of the U.S.-Japan partnership,” as he awarded the veteran OSI special agent one of Japan’s most prestigious honors.

The Defense Cooperation Award (Second Class) is presented to members of foreign armed forces who distinguished themselves by their most notable achievement or service rendered in contribution to defense cooperation between Japan and their countries. This is the highest medal Japan awards to members of a foreign military, and it’s quite rare for it to be awarded to a defense civilian employee.

“I'm humbled and very honored to have received this award. I believe it validates Team Tokyo's vision, commitment and exceptional partnership building efforts over the years with this key partner,” Beattie said. “Although I received the award, it must be noted that without the tenacity, grind, commitment and overall exceptional efforts of SA Paul Sorci and Special Investigator Kazuya Doken, who carried out all the tedious planning and execution of several Bi-Lateral operations, Key Leader Engagements and Subject Matter Expert Engagements, this opportunity for me would not have been possible.”

According to the medal citation, in 2020, Beattie contributed to enhancing intelligence security for the JASDF by collaborating with OSI Special Agents in Japan, the United States and Australia, during the trilateral exercise Cope North 20.

Cope North is a multilateral U.S. Pacific Air Forces-sponsored field training exercise conducted annually at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam.

As part of the exercise, allied air forces employ large forces and mobilized air forces to assist in humanitarian aid and natural disaster relief and to enhance interoperability.

As the deployment member in charge of intelligence security, Beattie was not in the air flying humanitarian missions. Instead, it was his responsibility to improve the security posture of the intelligence community, and his efforts paid off.

Besides his role in Cope North 20, Beattie also helped deepen the security posture of the F-35 during the Intelligence and Security Exchange Conference between the United States and Japan with “great knowledge, expertise and leadership,” the citation stated.

OSI leadership acknowledged the significance of this prestigious award.

“I'm very proud of how 6 FIR and the command have doubled and tripled down on our commitment to JASDF and the Japanese national police," said Brig. Gen. Terry L. Bullard, OSI commander. “And none of that happens without what SA Beattie and the team have done there.”

“Having the JASDF Chief of Staff take the time to formally recognize SA Beattie's leadership and contributions represents just how integrated our teams have become, the value of OSI's partnership, and the strength of our relationship,” said Col. Benjamin Hatch, 6 FIR commander. “Through his actions, SA Beattie has earned the respect of senior leaders within two Nations and we thank him for his significant and impactful service while stationed in Japan."