NCO jailed 24 months for domestic violence, assault

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  • By OSI Public Affairs

An Air Force noncommissioned officer, who pled guilty to multiple domestic violence and assault charges, received a sentence involving 24-months in confinement after a General Court-Martial at Hill AFB, Utah, May 24, 222.

In addition to the jail time, the subject, who was reduced in rank to Airman Basic, will forfeit all pay and will be dishonorably discharged from the Air Force following his jail sentence.

Among the charges were: assault and domestic violence, including assault upon an intimate partner and domestic violence that resulted in strangling an intimate partner, according to court documents. 

The initial investigation, conducted by the Office of Special Investigations Detachment 113 at Hill AFB, began Dec 28 2020, following information provided by the Family Advocacy Program at the 75th Medical Group.

According to the investigation, the subject had a history of domestic violence, including incidents where the victim attempted to end their relationship or tried leaving the subject's residence, but was blocked in by the subject.

On another occasion, the subject pointed a pistol at the victim, with whom he was in a committed relationship. Moments later, the subject strangled the individual before she fought him off.

During another incident, the subject closed a door on the victim's hand. According to the investigation, he then took her phone so she could not call the police.

Multiple domestic violence incidents involving the subject were discovered by OSI investigators, documents revealed.

“Sadly, domestic violence is a problem in many relationships,” said Special Agent Brad Byington, OSI Detachment 113 Special Agent in Charge.  “After the victim in this case courageously reported some of the abuse to law enforcement, our Special Agents uncovered the subject’s history of abuse and obtained the proof needed to ensure justice was served.  I’m incredibly proud of our investigative team!”

Editor’s Note: This article is the ninth installment of the Public Affairs “Justice for All” series; a collection of recent court martial cases highlighting the tireless efforts of OSI Special Agents, as they fulfill their mission to defend the nation, protect the integrity of the Department of the Air Force, find the truth and serve justice for all.