Undercover operation thwarts murder/human trafficking plot, Airman jailed 35 years

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  • By OSI Public Affairs

Special Agents from Office of Special Investigations Detachment 405 went undercover and foiled an Airman’s human trafficking and murder scheme, resulting in a 35-year prison sentence. 

After they found out about the Airman’s plan, OSI worked alongside other law enforcement agencies on the case, including Homeland Security Investigations' Human Trafficking Division and the Montgomery Police Department SWAT team in Montgomery, Alabama. pWhile working undercover, Det. 405 Special Agents arranged to sell the suspect a fictitious child and her mother.  He later provided cash for their purchase, officials said.

Shortly afterward OSI and MPD SWAT members arrested the individual outside of the residence where the rape and murder were scheduled to take place. At the time of his arrest, Special Agents discovered various supplies in his car such as: duct tape, super glue, a video camera, a balaclava (ski mask) and sunglasses to conceal his identity, chains, locks, a dog leash and collar, and handcuffs. All of these were intended to be used on the named victims.

In addition to the supplies found in his vehicle, Special Agents extracted data from his cell phone and discovered that he had been stalking a young girl in Montgomery, Alabama.

“Had our investigation not begun when it did,” said Col. Jeremy Waller, commander of OSI’s 4th Field Investigations Region. “[The subject] was intent on abducting her and harming her. We were able to intervene and protect her before anything bad happened.”

All combined, the Airman received a total of 140 years and six months of confinement, with the longest individual sentence being 35 years. His sentence will be served concurrently, so he will be in prison for the next 35 years.

Besides the prison sentence, he was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force, reduced in rank to airman basic, will forfeit all pay, and is registered as a sex offender.

Editor’s Note: This article is the 11th installment in the Public Affairs “Justice For All” Series; a collection of recent court martial cases highlighting the tireless efforts of OSI Special Agents, as they fulfill their mission to defend the nation, protect the integrity of the Department of the Air Force, find the truth, and serve justice for all.