One team, one fight: Top OSI, SF leaders exchange credentials

  • Published
  • By Thomas Brading
  • OSI Public Affairs

The top two Air Force law enforcement officers traded badges during an honorary credential exchange ceremony Oct. 24 at the Russell-Knox Building in Quantico, Virginia, underscoring their agencies' mutual respect and cooperation.

The camaraderie was clear between the Office of Special Investigations and Security Forces at OSI headquarters, as Brig. Gen. Terry L. Bullard, OSI’s commander and Brig. Gen. Roy W. Collins, the Air Force Director of Security Forces, represented their respective agencies at the exchange.

"I so enjoyed recognizing Brig. Gen. Collins, for the incredible partner he has been on his journey as the Top Cop with us,” Bullard said. “Yet another example that must maintain a sustained effort and consistent communications at all echelons of the DAF - OSI - SF partnership, because our shared mission of law enforcement is to protect the men and women of the Department of the Air Force.”

Over the years, around 70 individuals have been presented honorary OSI badges, including recently retired Lt. Gen. Sami Said, former DAF inspector general.

"This event symbolizes the commitment between Air Force [SF] and [OSI],” Collins said. “I am proud of the progress that our offices made during my tenure as Director of Security Forces and look forward to seeing it continue.”

Along with honorary badges, the commanders exchanged challenge coins.

The ongoing partnership is evident in multiple initiatives, including the Criminal Indexing and Criminal Justice Information Cell, which ensures timely and accurate information from criminal investigations that can be retrieved for law enforcement or security purposes.

Another OSI/SF mission, inked in a memorandum by the agencies May 24, 2021, is Joint Base Enforcement Teams. The benchmark memo initiated the formation of JBETs. The JBET concept was developed, in part, based on feedback from OSI Special Agents in the field, officials said, which identified gaps in criminal and fraud investigative coverage.

Among the other collaborative efforts include counterintelligence and force protection in deployment environments, such as Tactical Security Elements, as well as a modernized LEON/ORION (Law Enforcement Operations Network / OSI Records, Investigations & Operations Network) case management system.

“To meet the security challenges of our nation and to ensure the safety of the men and women of the Department, OSI cannot stand alone,” Bullard said. “The OSI - SF partnership is one of vital importance to the DAF.”