SAs uncover assault allegations, Airman jailed 3 years

  • Published
  • By OSI Public Affairs

An Air Force technical sergeant will serve three years in prison for abusing a child, following an investigation into unresolved allegations Special Agents wouldn’t let fade away.

In February 2021, Special Agents from Office of Special Investigations Det. 807 were clued into an existing police report filed nearly four years prior while conducting routine record checks related to an advanced space capability. 

The records revealed previous law enforcement reports indicated the individual was the subject of investigations in Santa Maria, California, and Vail, Colorado. However, after a lack of evidence was identified, those cases had stalled. 

Additionally, the member hid the severity of his crimes behind a carefully crafted claim the child was misguided and simply acting out, said Special Agent Mark Borcina, former Det. 807 commander.

“This was the first case I had been involved in where an investigation came forward because of a background check,” said Special Agent Jamie Flanell, OSI Det. 807. “As an investigator, and seeing how much time had gone by, it felt like we had to further investigate and finally get to close this case and get resolution.”

SAs utilized their specialized skills to work with the local police departments and further develop investigative leads.

From there, SAs carried out their investigation on multiple charges. In all, they included assault consummated by battery upon a child and sexual abuse of a child.

The effort led investigators to uncover evidence of the crime, which was ultimately used to garner a confession from the technical sergeant. 

“After many failed attempts by the victim to be heard, it felt rewarding that she was able to see justice served,” Flanell said.

A military judge gave the sentence in Sept. 2022, which included dishonorable discharge, three years in jail and reprimands for the technical sergeant.

“I am extremely proud of all the Agents involved, who not only persevered to bring justice forward for the victim, but also ensured the base's critical capabilities were safeguarded to further allow decisive and sustained United States military advantages,” Borcina said. “It is yet another example that neither time nor distance will keep OSI Agents from executing our mission.”

Editor’s Note: This article is the 14th installment in the OSI Public Affairs “Justice For All” Series; a collection of recent court-martial cases highlighting the tireless efforts of OSI Special Agents, as they fulfill their mission to defend the nation, protect the integrity of the Department of the Air Force, find the truth and serve justice for all.