Office of the SECDEF lauds SA for defense intel contributions

  • Published
  • By Thomas Brading
  • OSI Public Affairs

An OSI Special Agent received a prestigious military accolade for his exceptional contributions to the defense intelligence community and leadership safeguarding against counterintelligence threats.

SA James Cangialosi received the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Civilian Service in recognition of his contributions to the defense intelligence community during a ceremony Jan. 27, 2023, at the Office of Special Investigations headquarters at Quantico, Virginia.

The ceremony, hosted by Brig. Gen. Terry Bullard, OSI commander, and presided over by John P. Dixson, acting Director for Defense Intelligence Counterintelligence, Law Enforcement & Security, highlighted Cangialosi's counterintelligence expertise and leadership, which helped protect national security and maintain our Nation’s military advantage.

"Special Agent Cangialosi's unwavering commitment to national security, coupled with his exceptional contributions to the defense intelligence community, showcase the talent and dedication in OSI,” Bullard said.

Specifically, Cangialosi was lauded for his contributions in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, where he served as the first Department of Defense senior representative to the Federal Bureau of Investigation-led National Counterintelligence Task Force from April 2020 to Oct. 2022.

“The NCITF effectively demonstrates how focusing the authorities, capabilities, expertise, and resources of multiple agencies can have a profound impact on countering evolving threats to the nation,” Cangialosi said. 

During his time as senior representative, Cangialosi provided crucial leadership and counsel in implementing the Department's counterintelligence policies and capabilities against foreign and adversarial threats, according to his citation.

"This medal displays SA Cangialosi’s exceptional skills in service to the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense. His ability to navigate the complex interagency priorities have been invaluable, not only to OSI, but the entire defense intelligence community!” Bullard said.

In addition, he played a vital role in producing the inaugural agreement between the FBI and the Department of Defense to govern its participation in the National Counterintelligence Task Force and 56 field Counterintelligence Task Forces across the country. 

“I am truly grateful to be recognized for my contributions to national security,” Cangialosi said. “Which could not have occurred without the continued support of senior leaders across the interagency and the dedication of all task force participants across the U.S.”