Det. 806 goes the extra mile(s)

  • Published
  • By Thomas Brading
  • OSI Public Affairs

For Office of Special Investigations Detachment 806, protecting the Department of the Air Force’s greatest asset, its people, is something they go above and beyond to ensure.

In two separate instances in 2022 the detachment identified Airmen in need and used their resources to safely return them to their home base.

In July 2022, when Det. 806 learned that an Airman had expressed suicidal ideations and might be in danger, they sprang into action to help ensure a safe outcome. 

At the Airman's house, a welfare check found an empty handgun case, but he was not home. From there, a leadership team from Det. 806 attempted to contact the Airman but was unsuccessful.

Through a variety of investigative techniques OSI Special Agents found the Airman and drove nearly 300 miles where they coordinated with Montana Highway Patrol to conduct a traffic stop.

The Airman was transported back to Malmstrom AFB, where he received treatment.

“By identifying and locating the individual, our Special Agents were able to intervene and ensure that the Airman received the help and treatment needed,” said Special Agent Justin Colwell, Det. 806 superintendent. “Their efforts showcase the importance of looking out for one another and the outstanding work done by our OSI team in protecting our people."

The second incident occurred in October 2022, when Det. 806 was notified of a single car accident involving an active-duty Airman. However, the Airman hadn’t been located and the prevalence of blood at the crime scene suggested that he may have been injured.

Despite no OSI investigative link, such as death or going AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave), Special Agents from the detachment worked with the local Sheriff’s office, and the Montana Highway Patrol to track down the Airman who was injured in the accident.

The team used a variety of methods to include health and welfare checks of the Airman's residence, “knock and talk interviews” with the Airman's neighbors and community-based friends, and coordinated with the local sheriff’s office and Montana Highway Patrol.

Through the coordinated efforts the law enforcement team was able to locate the missing Airman and safely return him to his unit.

"The safety and well-being of our Air Force personnel is at the heart of OSI’s mission, and I'm proud to say that our Special Agents are doing a remarkable job in safeguarding them,” said Special Agent Robert Kring, Det. 806 commander. “Their recent actions demonstrate their unwavering commitment to duty and serving with excellence, which is a testament to their professionalism and dedication to our mission."