OSI commander’s IMA retires after three decades of service

  • Published
  • By Thomas Brading, OSI Public Affairs

Col. Douglas Hassebrock, the individual mobilization augmentee (IMA) to the OSI commander, retired after a thirty-year career following a retirement ceremony held in Quantico, Virginia.

During the ceremony, Hassebrock was presented with the Legion of Merit for his contributions as IMA to the OSI commander from May 2020 to July 2023. In this role, he provided guidance and leadership in supporting OSI’s mission, overseeing 3,900 Total Force Airmen stationed across 311 locations worldwide.

The ceremony was presided by Col. Amy Bumgarner, OSI’s commander, who expressed her admiration for Hassebrock's leadership and character, highlighting his unwavering motivation to make a positive impact and uplift those around him. 

“I think it's fitting that it’s our 75-year anniversary and he has served over 30 years of that time,” Bumgarner said. “Think about that; think about all the things that he has seen and done, all the things that he has impacted, and all the lives that he has changed.”

Continuing to express Hassebrock's exceptional qualities, Bumgarner emphasized, "He's always motivated. He's always ready to help. This start from day one …working cases at his first detachment, it didn’t matter what the case type was: fraud, drugs, or death cases; he was involved in it."

Reflecting on the milestones in Hassebrock's career, Bumgarner discussed highlights ranging from his early assignments during active duty to his subsequent transition into the IMA program.

The IMA program is a source of trained, equipped and readily available reservists, ready to be called upon when the service requires their assistance. It is within this program that Hassebrock's journey seemed to flourish, as he ascended through the ranks, progressing from Detachment Commander to OSI Special Projects Director, to ultimately being named IMA for the OSI commander.

Explaining the unique role of IMAs, Hassebrock said, "[IMA's are] a specialty group.  Instead of an independent traditional reserve unit training primarily on the weekends, for a clear wartime mission; IMAs are used as a mirror for our active-duty counterpart to take over in case of war."

In addition to his IMA role, Hassebrock served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary (and Acting Assistant Secretary) for Export Enforcement for the Bureau of Industry and Security. In that role, under the U.S. Department of Commerce, he was responsible for National Security and the promotion of foreign policy objectives.

Prior to this position, he served as the Assistant Director, Investigations, Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board where he led the oversight of over $787 Billion in economic stimulus spending.  He also served as the Special Agent in Charge of the Eastern Region, U.S. Department of the Interior - Office of Inspector General, and Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Technology Crimes Section, U.S. Department of Energy - Office of Inspector General.

During his OSI retirement ceremony, Hassebrock said, "Never miss an opportunity to make someone else's life better.  If you think about sending them a thank you or recognizing them in some way - Do it right now.  There is no “later” when it comes to good news, there is now…live in the now.” 

Beyond his military and law enforcement achievements, Hassebrock has an extensive academic background, including a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Campbell University, North Carolina, and a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance from Old Dominion University, Virginia.

As Hassebrock embarks on the next phase of his journey, his impact and legacy will endure within OSI for years to come, Bumgarner said, and the law enforcement community at large.