OSI seeks former enlisted agents for Reserve duty

  • Published
  • By OSI Public Affairs
The Air Force Office of Special Investigations Reserve Program is looking to recruit former E-5 and E-6 special agents who have separated from active duty.

"There can be no better investment than focusing first on recruiting prior active duty agents who have proven themselves at our side in conducting the OSI mission," said Col. Scott Wilson, OSI Reserve Affairs director. "The Reserve Program provides an opportunity to continue to serve one of the best missions in the world's greatest Air Force, and the financial incentives in terms of pay, retirement, and other benefits are substantial for a minimal investment in time."

The Reserve program requires just two weeks of annual duty and an additional 96 hours performed flexibly during the year.

"The benefits become even greater when combined with a federal career," Wilson said.

Wilson said there are many misconceptions about what the Reserve Program entails and is happy to clarify program details with any interested applicants.

For more information, contact him at (571) 305-8891 or scott.wilson@ogn.af.mil.

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