Strengthening partnerships on the range

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Joshua King
  • OSI Public Affairs

Office of Special Investigations Special Agents teamed up with Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agents to hold a range day on Marine Corps Base Quantico, for the first time.

NCIS launched this range in 2020 after working to fund and rehabilitate the range, just down the road from the Russell-Knox Building, headquarters for both agencies.

“Being good partners in the training environment leads to strong relationships in the field,” Special Agent Spencer Doll, OSI Center action officer said.  “I have processed crime scenes and conducted interviews alongside NCIS and other agencies.  Being able to come together and share equipment, techniques, ideas, and learn from one another allows everyone to leave more focused on completing whatever mission we face.”

Including the Quantico ranges, there are only three Defense Department ranges in the National Capital Region. The others being at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, and Joint Base Andrews, Maryland.

“The close proximity has the potential to save agent’s hundreds of hours in gridlocked DC area traffic,” Doll said.  “Additionally, it's a low cost/no cost option compared to contracting range space at private ranges in the area.  Between the time saved commuting and the reduced cost, it’s a huge win.”

Agents were able to complete mandatory quarterly proficiency fire, an opportunity for agents to test fire the new Glock 19 and 26, and an opportunity for OSI staff to conduct familiarity training with several weapons platforms.

“This range was specifically developed to support local [military criminal investigative organizations] and affords tremendous opportunity for advanced weapons training scenarios out to 300 yards. In addition, during our interaction with NCIS counterparts we learned of challenges the Navy is currently having with their ammunition,” Special Agent Neil Whelden, OSI HQ Strategic Programs and Requirements director said.  “This simple interaction with NCIS identified previously unknown-to-the-Air Force challenges which will help expedite [Dept. of the Air Force]-wide solutions by sharing lessons learned from our Navy counterparts.”

Nearly 30 agents and professional staff were at the inaugural range day to sharpen their skills.

“What started out as a small event to accomplish test and evaluation for new weapons turned into an unexpected but excellent liaison opportunity with NCIS,” Doll said. “But perhaps the best part of this day was that it was a true team event, with tremendous support from NCIS, the [Field Support Squadron], the [OSI] Center and XR all coming together to make this a success.”