OSI’s newest SNCOs formally inducted

  • Published
  • By Thomas Brading
  • OSI Public Affairs

In a defining week for their careers, senior non-commissioned officers from around the Office of Special Investigations gathered in San Antonio, Texas, Oct. 23-27, to be formally inducted into the top ranks of the agency’s enlisted members.
These leaders, who began their military journeys as Airmen graduating from basic training, came full circle as they returned to the base where it all began—the week marked a career milestone for graduates, while celebrating their commitment to military service and leadership.
Early in the week, master sergeants and master sergeant-selects spoke with senior leaders from both past and present, including retired Chief Master Sgt. Robert Gaylor, who served as the 5th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force from 1977-79. Additionally, Chief Master Sgt. Gregg Gow, OSI’s command chief, shared insights. 
“This week was not just a milestone in their careers -- it’s a testament to the dedication and leadership that defines the enlisted force within OSI,” Gow said. “Our team comes back to San Antonio every year to develop and induct senior NCOs because it reminds us of our roots while offering a glimpse at the Airmen and Guardians starting their journeys.”
Midway through the week, OSI also brought in chief master sergeants for an insightful panel discussion with SNCOs. In addition, the week featured sessions on pressing topics, including bias awareness training and strategies for enhancing leadership resiliency.
On Oct. 26, a rain-soaked Thursday morning, inductees hopped on buses bound for Joint Base San Antonio, where they sat front-row for a basic training graduation ceremony – a tradition OSI has with SNCOs. But the clouds parted as the parade grounds slowly filled with trainees and military training instructors.

Afterward, many OSI attendees shared stories about their stay at “the Gateway of the Air Force,” followed by a tour of the 321st Training Squadron. However, the week's culmination was on the last day with the SNCO Induction Ceremony. It was a time for members to step into the spotlight, as their families looked on, recommit to their service and receive recognition for becoming SNCOs. 
During the presentation, retired Brig. Gen. Dana Simmons, OSI’s commander from 2005 to 2010, served as the guest speaker, providing insights that focused on the event's biggest takeaway: leadership. 
"The real secret to being a good leader is servant leadership; people first,” Simmons said. "Serve in leadership, people first mission always, ownership, and never quit." 
Simmons took the opportunity to highlight many victories OSI has seen in its 75-year history. He also shared insights into his successes and emphasized how these accomplishments were made possible through the diligent efforts, mentorship, and guidance of exceptional SNCOs from the past. 
"Hundreds of silent victories we've had that we cannot tell people, we as a command have served our country and Air Force,” Simmons said. 
In the end, the weeklong celebrations were not just a gathering—it was a reaffirmation of the values that define the NCO corps, Gow said. 
“As we grow and celebrate the achievements of our top enlisted members, we witnessed the strength of our united force,” Gow said. “This event leaves no doubt that we are prepared to face the challenges of the future, upholding our legacy of excellence and service."