OSI reservist honored for heroism

  • Published
  • By Wayne Amann
  • AFOSI Public Affairs
The core value Service Before Self manifests itself in many ways.

For Air Force Office of Special Investigations Reserve Special Agent Michael "Micky" Cordiviola, of Procurement Fraud Detachment 5, Operating Location-C, MacDill Air Force Base, Fla., it surfaced on May 17, 2015.  

That day, Cordiviola, serving in his capacity as a St. Petersburg, Fla., police officer, assisted in locating a suspect who had just shot someone near the downtown area.

The suspect was identified by officers who were familiar with him and Cordiviola volunteered to go to the suspect's home and locate him. At the suspect's home, Cordiviola and his back up officer contacted the suspect's father, who told the officers his son was not at the house.

A few seconds later, another officer, who was watching the back of the house, yelled out commands to the suspect as gunfire erupted.

Cordiviola ran toward the sound of the gunfire and sustained a serious gunshot injury.

"Before I could react I was shot, experienced tunnel vision and everything felt like it was in slow motion," he said. "Fortunately, because of the fire arms training I received from OSI and my police department I was able to return fire four times." 

Using a garden hose, Cordiviola applied his own tourniquet before receiving medical attention.

"I would have never thought of the need for a tourniquet if not for my muscle memory from military and police training kicking in," he said.

Despite his injury, Cordiviola and the other officers who responded to the scene neutralized the threat.

"His actions were not only heroic but also serve as both an example to all of us and a reminder of the ever-present risks," said Special Agent Ryan Lynch, Assistant Special Agent in Charge with the Department of Human and Health Services, Office of the Inspector General, Office of Investigations.

Cordiviola is slated to receive the IG Award for Public Safety May 23 during the 2016 Tampa Region Financial Crimes and Inspectors General Council Achievement Awards at the U.S. Attorney's Office, Middle District of Florida.   

"Cordiviola's heroic actions saved countless lives and exemplified the core value of Service before Self," wrote Special Agent Freddy B. Wilson, Cordiviola's OSI supervisor in nominating him for the IG award. "Special Agent Cordiviola is using the same fervor to pursue suspects in procurement fraud investigations." 

Cordiviola was honored with the City of St. Petersburg's Medal of Valor and the City of St. Petersburg's Purple Heart.

He was also the AFOSI Region 4 nominee for the 2015 Air Force Non Commissioned Officers Association Vanguard Award. The honor recognizes an NCO from each military service branch who has performed a heroic act, on or off duty, which resulted in the saving of life or the prevention of serious injury.

"I don't view my actions as being heroic because it's part of my job," Cordiviola said. "When I put the uniform on I know there's a possibility I could face a dangerous situation.

"At the end of the day our objective is to watch out for each other and make sure that we all go home to our families. The real heroes are those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and didn't go home to theirs."