AFOSI Special Agent receives Walking Liberty Coin Award

  • Published
  • By Colonel Patrick D. Quinn III, U.S. Army
  • Chief of Staff, USAF A2 Field Support Office
Special Agent Timothy J. Peterson is the first recipient of the Walking Liberty Coin Award in 2015, an honor bestowed during a ceremony held recently at headquarters, A2 Field Support Office, Kirtland AFB, N.M.
The Walking Liberty Coin Award is the Organizational Award of Excellence presented by the Executive Director of the A2 [Intelligence] Field Support Office. The Walking Liberty Coin Award recognizes demonstrated excellence in support of the Air Force's A2 Field Support Office's mission where the effort is of such magnitude that it materially impacts the ability of the organization to support National Security Objectives. The coin is authorized for presentation upon nomination and unanimous consent from the A2 Field Support Office's Board of Directors.  Upon approval, a member of the organization hand-cuts the coin into a unique pattern and no two coins are alike. The matched halves of the coin uniquely identify the recipient as an extremely honored member of the organization.
Half of the coin was presented to SA Peterson, June 8, 2015, in a commemorative frame, while the other half is mounted into the Walking Liberty Awards case in the A2 Field Support Office's conference room.