See something? Hear something? Say something! AFOSI Tip Line available across multimedia spectrum

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A member of the Air Force is overheard by a co-worker making blatant comments regarding harming individuals in his unit and others on base. His rant does not go unnoticed, but it is difficult to tell if he is simply blowing off steam or if this is a genuine threat. In this instance, a fellow airman reported her suspicions to law enforcement. The next morning, the disgruntled individual attempted to enter the base. He was immediately identified and detained by law enforcement. He had personally owned weapons and ammunition in his vehicle. Acting only on her suspicions, the tipster prevented what could have turned out to be an active-shooter incident on base.

Reporting suspicious activity has become much easier. The Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) established a Tip Line for the Air Force to support the Insider-Threat mission. The Tip Line is an anonymous reporting mechanism to advise law enforcement of illegal activities. It provides an easily accessible avenue for individuals to deliver information to AFOSI. Tips can be submitted to report all types of suspected criminal activity, such as fraud, theft, drug use, rape and espionage. There are three reporting methods individuals can use to send tips: Web based, SMS and a smart-phone application. Use any of the following methods to send a tip:

1. Go to the following web site:

2. Text "AFOSI" plus your tip information to 274637 (CRIMES). Texting may not be available in some overseas locations.

3. Download the TipSubmit Mobile application from your provider's marketplace. Select "Federal/Military" and then "Air Force Office of Special Investigations."

AFOSI encourages using the Tip Line as a means to communicate with law enforcement and reminds tipsters that making a false report to law enforcement is a serious offense and may be punishable by law. Submitting tips for a training scenario is also not appropriate. All tips received are taken seriously and followed up by AFOSI agents. Once a tip is submitted, a unique tip number is provided to the tipster. This unique number can be used by the tipster to provide more information or update the original tip. It can also be used to establish an anonymous two-way communication between the tipster and AFOSI.

The AFOSI Tip Line provides service members and civilians a safe, discreet and anonymous option to report criminal information, counterintelligence indicators or force-protection concerns.

See something? Say something! Report suspicious activity!

For more information, please contact your local AFOSI Detachment at your base.