25 EFIS, FPD-Uganda conduct analytic engagement

  • Published
  • By AFOSI Public Affairs

The Air Force Office of Special Investigations 25th Expeditionary Field Investigations Squadron and Force Protection Detachment – Uganda conducted an analytic engagement May 3, 2017, in Kampala, Uganda.

The event was hosted by the Uganda Police Force (UPF) at the Headquarters, Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).  The analyst engagement examined the activities of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, one of the foremost emerging threats in East Africa.  

Ms. Lauryn Nelson, 25 EFIS analyst, provided multiple briefings to more than 70 Ugandan security service personnel from the UPF Counterterrorism Directorate, the CMI, Uganda’s Internal Security Organization and External Security Organization, the Ugandan Financial Intelligence Authority, the Ugandan Prison Service and the Ugandan Immigration Service.

“Exchanges like these reinforce the close and continuing partnership between U.S. and Ugandan military and law enforcement agencies,” Ms. Nelson said, who also took in some of the sights in Uganda to deepen her understanding of the operating environment. 

The briefings provided Ugandan partners with a critical understanding of ISIL’s ideological foundation, the group’s operations, geographic reach and cyber activities. 

The consensus among FPD-Uganda personnel was that, “AFOSI’s engagement was invaluable in cultivating understanding within Uganda’s security services about an evolving threat starting to take root in the country and the region.”  

The cooperation with Ugandan partners on a common threat cemented professional relations between AFOSI and Uganda’s counterterrorism community, and will foster a continued partnership.