Eclectic skillsets mark busy year for recently minted SA

  • Published
  • By SA Michael Ornelaz
  • AFOSI 1st Field Investigations Region, Operating Location-A

The Air Force Office of Special Investigations develops and leverages an exceptional force designed to be proficient in both law enforcement and counterintelligence operations, in multiple domains with a proactive hunter mentality.

To that end, each special agent in the command is equipped with eclectic skillsets to suit a myriad of situations.         

Enter Special Agent Frederick Seitz, 10th Field Investigations Squadron, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

Although 2019 was just his second year as an SA, he had already completed the AFOSI Crime Scene Investigators Training Program and put his expert training to good use while processing the scene of an on-base shooting, a sexual assault and the murder of an Air Force recruiter. 

He also assisted in finding the remains of an Airman missing for 40 years as a part of a cold case.

SA Seitz’s passion for felony investigations led to the recovery of $10,000 in stolen government equipment and thousands of classified documents. He also performed surveillance in conjunction with local law enforcement, and coordinated the use of AFOSI technical services to aid in the identification and raid of multiple drug houses with ties to international drug trafficking organizations. 

He assisted the U.S. Secret Service on a protective detail for President Donald J. Trump during a visit to Dayton, Ohio.  On a daily basis, SA Seitz mentored and trained six probationary agents by sharing his knowledge and experience.

As a prior Security Forces investigator for five years, SA Seitz believes his current unit leadership team is the best he has ever had in his Air Force career.

But, he credits his success to his wife Kaitlyn, who support his dreams while raising their three children.

“If I could give anybody an award it would be her,” he said.

SA Seitz looks forward to 2020 as he will represent AFOSI in a DoD crime-scene competition, going up against seven other law enforcement agencies, which will help develop best practices for AFOSI’s new evidence tracking system. 

His advice to people interested in or new to AFOSI?

“The more you get yourself involved in, the more you’ll learn,” he said. “You’re going to work hard in AFOSI. The hours are long and odd, but they’re all worth it.”