Help Protect Our Service…While Remaining Anonymous

Insider Threat, Fraud, Theft, Drugs, CI Indicators, Murder, Burglary, Rape, Environmental Crimes, Domestic Violence, Espionage… Happen in our community and workplace.

You might have the information that would help solve these cases and keep us safe! If you see something, Say something!

Report Online:

24 Hour Watch:

For tips requiring an immediate response, please contact Air Force Office of Special Investigations 24 hour watch at 877-246-1453

What happens when I contact the Tip Line?

When you contact the Tip Line via internet, your information will be routed to the agents nearest to the incident to respond.

Once you submit your tip you will be provided a unique tip number. Please check your tip submission within a day or two to see if further information is needed to resolve the issue. You will never be asked for your name or personal information. Do NOT share your tip number with anyone.

What do I do if I get more information?

If you have more information at a later time, re-contact the Tip Line and your unique tip number to provide an update to your original tip.

How does the online submission process work?

When you submit a tip online, your form is sent using state of the art software through a Secure Socket Connection (SSL). Tips submitted through the web are encrypted, confidential, anonymous and immediately and securely transferred directly to AFOSI. After submitting your tip, you will be provided with your own unique tip number in order to check on the status of your tip or provide more information at a later time.

No federal endorsement of commercial products is intended.