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  • OSI Det. 522 lauded by Türkiye’s U.S. Ambassador amid regional tensions

    The U.S. Ambassador to Türkiye praised OSI Det. 522 Special Agents Dec. 12, 2023, for their role strengthening U.S. Consulate security in Adana during a time of regional tensions.In all, U.S. Ambassador Jeffry L. Flake awarded personalized recognition certificates to 26 officers, Airmen and civilian

  • OSI PJ secures X-37B space mission

    The Office of Special Investigations, Office of Special Projects, or PJ, were unsung heroes thanks to their counterintelligence activities and security efforts following a recent landmark Space Force launch.

  • OSI's 'France 101': Two-week course into French language, culture

    OSI Special Agents and French law enforcement services embarked on a groundbreaking training initiative, marking a significant step in bolstering U.S.-France relations through cultural and linguistic immersion. The two-week initiative, dubbed France 101, was tailored to blend language education with

  • In memoriam: Col. Tara Lunardi, OSI’s deputy commander

    It is with profound sadness and deep respect for a remarkable colleague that we announce the passing of Col. Tara R. Lunardi, the Deputy Commander of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, who died peacefully Feb. 7, 2024, following a valiant battle against cancer. She was 48. Col. Lunardi

  • OSI agent earns medal following heroic autobahn rescue

    It was just another day for Special Agent Joe Fernandez when the familiar blur of the autobahn, known for its high speeds, gave way to an unexpected halt. As he joined the road, the OSI Det. 518 investigator was met with a standstill of vehicles and plumes of dark smoke unfurling into the morning

  • OSI’s Year in Review: 2023

    2023 was a landmark year for the Office of Special Investigations, from historic leadership changes to commemorating 75-years as an agency, all while continuing global and domestic efforts in maintaining security and stability.

  • OSI's holistic approach to mental wellness, holiday stress

    For the Office of Special Investigations, an agency where law enforcement intersects with military service, resiliency is not just a concept but an element of mission readiness. As the holiday season approaches, traditionally a time of heightened stress, the importance of mental health increases and