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  • OSI’s Year in Review: 2023

    2023 was a landmark year for the Office of Special Investigations, from historic leadership changes to commemorating 75-years as an agency, all while continuing global and domestic efforts in maintaining security and stability.

  • OSI's holistic approach to mental wellness, holiday stress

    For the Office of Special Investigations, an agency where law enforcement intersects with military service, resiliency is not just a concept but an element of mission readiness. As the holiday season approaches, traditionally a time of heightened stress, the importance of mental health increases and

  • OSI 5 FIR hosts inaugural diversity & inclusion summit

    Over the summer, the Office of Special Investigations 5th Field Investigations Region hosted its inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Summit, which officials said, emphasized the significance of cultural competence within OSI’s 34 units spanning Europe and Africa. The summit, held June 28-29, was

  • OSI’s newest SNCOs formally inducted

    In a defining week for their careers, senior non-commissioned officers from around the Office of Special Investigations gathered in San Antonio, Texas, Oct. 23-27, to be formally inducted into the top ranks of the agency’s enlisted members.

  • Strengthening partnerships on the range

    Office of Special Investigations Special Agents teamed up with Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agents to hold a range day on Marine Corps Base Quantico, for the first time.NCIS launched this range in 2020 after working to fund and rehabilitate the range, just down the road from the

  • OSI takes aim at laser pointers, aircraft safety

    As the Office of Special Investigations safeguards the Department of the Air Force, they are confronting a surge in incidents involving laser pointers, which pose significant threats to Air Force aircraft, especially at night.