OSI launches modernized exit survey to retain talent

  • Published
  • By Ms. Jakki Dixon
  • OSI Chief of Diversity + Inclusion

The Office of Special Investigations newly automated exit survey has officially hit the streets.

“In our quest to learn more about ourselves and how we can continually improve as an agency and for our people, I am excited to announce two capabilities going online to help us in that pursuit,” said Brig. Gen. Terry Bullard, OSI Commander. “It's our agency’s goal to continually improve and be worthy of the great men and women who make up our ranks.”

The OSI Exit Survey is intended to capture honest feedback from personnel who are transitioning out of the military or civil service due to retirement, separation or resignation, transferring to another agency, primarily civilians and military personnel who permanently change station from OSI, such as professional staff on controlled tours.

As OSI continues to inform and update processes, its organizational culture has a direct impact on teammate engagement and motivation.

In addition, the Department of the Air Force, through the Human Resource Data Analytic & Decision Support office, has implemented a retention (also known as a “stay” survey) which will also allow us to obtain data on factors about OSI and the DAF to encourage members to stay in the ranks and continue to serve.    

At Bullard’s direction, and upon implementation of the Diversity and Inclusion (D+I) strategy across the command through the deliberate development of actionable strategies and actions focusing on the “OSI We Need” -- one area kept coming up, “What are the exit surveys telling us?”

Enter a working group led by Dr. Amy Link, OSI Center, 3rd Field Investigations Squadron D+I Council Representative. The working group focused on collecting data and assessing the health of the current OSI Exit Survey program.

Joined by a team comprised of Council reps and other volunteers, the working group interviewed OSI career field managers and program managers throughout the command and partnered with the Air Force Survey Office (AFSO) to leverage technology and automate OSI’s Exit Survey.

With the assistance of the AFSO, the exit survey process will transition from an outdated PDF Exit Survey to a robust platform that will allow for exit surveys to be completed by computer, cellphone or a quick response (QR) code. With results reflected via a performance-based dashboard, it will immediately identify emerging trends.

The new program will give the command the ability to deliver a personalized experience, specific to the command and its users. Plus, the improved exit survey will enable the command to listen to ALL personnel and take action more effectively because of its ability to provide real-time data.

With the data received, OSI will create transparency, improve organizational culture and processes, and most importantly, find ways to retain diverse and highly effective talent.

The modernized exit survey is another step in the right direction to hear from OSI personnel and their perceptions of the command – where it’s excelling and where it can improve.

The Force Development Directorate (OSI/FD) will serve as the program manager and provide action plan activities and updates. 

“Through automation, this tool powered by Qualtrics and administered by the Air Force Survey Office will permit the immediate identification of trends that will proactively aid our Career Field Managers and leaders to address areas of concern,” Bullard added.

Editor’s Note: SA Fernando Bernal, 25th Expeditionary Field Investigations Squadron, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, contributed to this article.