OSI leaders converge to celebrate history, forge ahead

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  • By Thomas Brading
  • OSI Public Affairs

Over the last few weeks, the National Capital Region has hosted leaders from the Office of Special Investigations, bringing together central figures from the agency’s headquarters to its many global regions.

Most recently, the 2023 Corporate Council, Sept. 18-20, became more than a celebration of OSI’s 75-year history, but also a strategic forum to navigate the agency’s path toward the future.

Held in Quantico, Virginia, the gathering was a pivotal platform, officials said, which allowed leaders to assess OSI's current state and formulate ways forward. This approach will ensure an aligned vision of priorities for both immediate and future success.

Leading the discussion was Col. Amy Bumgarner, OSI’s commander, who laid out her priorities for the future, which are fundamentally anchored in the basics: OSI’s people and the mission.

However, Corporate Council wasn't the first time OSI’s top officer discussed the agency’s state this month. On Sept. 9, during OSI’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony, she also highlighted some of OSI’s recent achievements.

At the banquet, Bumgarner highlighted OSI’s role in raising awareness about attempts by the People's Liberation Army of China to recruit both veterans and active-duty troops, who have attempted to leverage their specialized military expertise.

In memo signed Sept. 5, the Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles "C.Q." Brown warned Airmen and Guardians of the emerging threat, which focused on intentions of China's People's Liberation Army’s aim to "exploit your knowledge and skill to fill gaps in their military capability,” it read.

“The People's Liberation Army seeks individuals like you,” Bumgarner said, addressing a room of OSI veterans. “They value your talents. Your unique, transferable skills are precisely what they need to enhance their own capabilities."

However, “over the past few years, thanks to the meticulous investigative work and operations by our OSI agents, we've gathered substantial information on this matter," she said.

Highlighting OSI’s dedication to international collaboration, Bumgarner pointed to a recent meeting at OSI’s headquarters with Brig. Gen. Karol Molenda, the commander of Polish Cyber Command.

“We are operating with an international partner -- somebody who's in charge of the entire cyber force for their country -- and they're coming to us, looking for ways to continue our partnership,” Bumgarner said, discussing the importance of OSI’s relationship with Poland Cyber Command.

Building on this theme of commitment and excellence during the Hall of Fame induction, Bumgarner said, “OSI is consistently focused on innovation and challenging the status quo. Air Force leaders hold OSI in high regard because, just as in the past, we continue to protect the Air Force to this day.”

Bumgarner’s remarks at the Hall of Fame set the stage for Corporate Council, which was launchpad for the agency’s upcoming initiatives.

“These gatherings are the bedrock that OSI reinforces our shared objectives on,” Bumgarner said. “In these meetings, we find strength in our collective wisdom and commitment, which drives OSI’s mission and ensures we remain vigilant and steadfast in protecting the Department of the Air Force and national interests.”

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