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  • SA Richard Sakakida – OSI Hall of Famer Remembered

    On Sept. 12, 1998, six former OSI members were inducted as the inaugural class of the OSI Hall of Fame, created to recognize those who demonstrated exceptional dedication and leadership, which set them apart from others. Among those honorees, was SA Richard M. Sakakida.

  • Honoring Capt. Lee Hitchcock - OSI’s First Fallen Hero

    During National Police Week, the Office of Special Investigations is among the law enforcement agencies nationwide honoring fallen officers. Among the honorees this week is Capt. Lee Hitchcock, the first OSI member killed in action, following an attack in the Pleiku province of South Vietnam.

  • Looking Back: SA rekindles his Vietnam experience

    On March 29, 1973, after more than 11 years of combat operations, the last American combat troops officially departed Vietnam. Charles Ashe, served with OSI in Vietnam between June 1971 and June 1972, at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, on the outskirts of Saigon.

  • Looking Back: OSI’s first woman special agent…maybe

    So who was the first woman was to serve as a special agent with the Office of Special Investigations? To date, the first woman KNOWN to serve as a special agent within OSI was Major Catherine M. Moran who was most likely assigned to the Office of Investigations sometime during the first half of 1949

  • Retired OSI SA-turned-winemaker

    After dedicating 20 years of service to the country as an Airman and Office of Special Investigations special agent, retired Master Sgt. Corey Christman was ready for something a little bit different. Winemaking, of course.

  • Honoring our four-legged heroes

    There are two Veterans Day observances. The annual day set aside to honor the people who have ever worn a uniform of our Armed Forces is November 11. The “other” Veterans Day, observed each year on March 13, is National K9 Veterans Day, which honors and commemorates the service and sacrifice of

  • Legendary pro-staffer reflects on 40-year career

    Howard Cary still remembers the aroma of his dad's cooking. Some of Cary’s earliest memories are filled with savory and sweet smells emanating from his family’s on-base kitchen in Del Rio, Texas. Cary was just an eight-year-old military brat back then, yet he recalls it's like it was yesterday.

  • Looking Back: The First Five

    On July 28, 1948, the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Command transferred two African-Americans into the Office of special Investigations. Two days later they were joined by three more African-Americans from Army CID. These five: John P. Qualles, Andrew T. Johnson, George D. Mosee, William H.

  • Looking Back: No ordinary day

    Sunday, December 8, 1978, was no ordinary day in for the Office of Special Investigations special agents stationed in Isfahan, Iran. Throughout the previous year, tensions across the country had continued to rise between the ruling government and the Islamic fundamentalist religious sect.

  • Retired SA turned hometown sheriff reflects on OSI career

    Ken Furlong was six-years-old and standing outside of his family’s home in Carson City, Nev., when he realized his life’s purpose. In 2003, Furlong became the 26th Sheriff of Carson City, and nearly two decades and six elections later, it remains a job he holds today. Before that, he served two